Chair of Multimedia Telecommunications and Microelectronics
Signal processing team

Signal processing team

dr inż. Sławomir Michalak (Ph.D.)

Sławomir Michalak

Fields of interest:

In his research and teaching, he deals with issues computer aided design, simulation of electronic circuits, programming microprocessor circuits and circuits programmable. He deals with the subject of acquisition information from intelligent measurement sensors. He is the tutor of the "Pi" Student Research Group, and the vice-chairman of the Academic Ham Radio Club "SP3PET".


Room: 130 (Polanka)
Phone: +48 61 665 3824
Mail: slawomir.michalak@...

Duty hours

Dum malproksima laboro (kaŭzita de la epidemio de koronaviruso), konsultoj eblas per la platformo de e-meeting.