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Łukasz Matuszewski, Jakub Nikonowicz, Paweł Kubczak, Wiktor Woźniak,
Physical Unclonable Function Based on the Internal State Transitions of a Fibonacci Ring Oscillator,
Sensors, Vol. 21, No. 11, 2021, pp. 3920/1-3920/13,
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This article introduces a new class of physical unclonable functions (PUFs) based on the Fibonacci ring oscillator (FIRO). The research conducted here proves that before reaching the desired randomness, the oscillator shows a certain degree of repeatability and uniqueness in the initial sequence of internal state transitions. The use of an FIRO in conjunction with the restart method makes it possible to obtain a set of short boot sequences, which are processed with an innovative feature extraction algorithm that enables reliable device identification. This approach ensures the reuse of the existing random number generator (RNG), rather than multiplying ring oscillators in a dedicated structure. Moreover, the algorithm for the recovery of the device key from the boot set can be successfully implemented in the authorizing center, thus significantly releasing the resources of authorized low-complexity devices. The proposed methodology provides an easily obtainable key with identifiability, which was proven experimentally on FPGAs from different manufacturers.